Line Up Changes

Dear All,

it has been a lot of time since you had news from us, so let us have a bunch of updates here. As the first – untitled yet – album of the band is finishing, we have to announce that our guitarist Dimitris Stavros has left the band. Unfortunately daily work and career change forced Dimitris to re-locate away from Athens making it impossible for us and for him to continue with the band. Dimitris has been an integral part of Evil Within so far and will continue to be on our side and as long as we exist. May our paths cross once more in the future brother!!!

Dimitris Stavros is going to be replaced by a fantastic guitarist with the same name. Dimitris Stathopoulos is going to be the torturer of the 7-string from now on.

On other news, our drummer George Papadosifakis has left the band due to personal reasons. He will be replaced on the live shows by Nick Samios

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