Evil Within started out on January of 2015 from Panos Vararopoulos (guitars, x- Caelestia) and Nick Koulelis (bass – Blacksun), as an exploration of the extreme sound influenced by the oriental scales. The mixture of the black / death / thrash elements with the eastern culture made Dimitris Stavros (guitars – x- Terra Incognita), soon to join the band and fill in the second guitar spot.

By June of 2015, the band has completed its line up with Arnel Lagen (growls – Blacksun), George Papadosifakis (drums, x-Caelestia, x- No Flame Candle, x-METIS, x- The Dead Wrong) and Dimitra Kaltzidou (vocals). With haste the band entered the studios to start composing songs for its debut album. Unfortunately, due to approach differences, Nick Koulelis had to step away from the band. Evil Within soon found on the face of Alexis Lemonidis, the worthy replacement on the 5-string monster. The band will enter on January of 2017 on the studio to record the first – yet untitle – album, while soon enough the first track entitled “Elegy” will be released through the internet.

Influenced by names such as Behemoth, Slayer, Insomnium and Dark Funeral, Evil Within give open-handedly energy and a mixture of the basic genres of the extreme sound. On the 21rst of January, at the Extreme Assault Festival VOLUME II, you will get a taste of the oriental death / black / thrash mixture that the band has to offer.

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