Evil Within at Extreme Assault Festival IV

Evil Within are going to hit the stage at Modu Club for the 4th installment of the Extreme Assault Festival, that will take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th Of October 2017. The festival is dedicated to the extreme sound and Evil Within will be performing  at Friday 27th of October 2017 and they will be supporting Dimlight.

A link to the facebook even can be found here.

Line Up Changes

Dear All,

it has been a lot of time since you had news from us, so let us have a bunch of updates here. As the first – untitled yet – album of the band is finishing, we have to announce that our guitarist Dimitris Stavros has left the band. Unfortunately daily work and career change forced Dimitris to re-locate away from Athens making it impossible for us and for him to continue with the band. Dimitris has been an integral part of Evil Within so far and will continue to be on our side and as long as we exist. May our paths cross once more in the future brother!!!

Dimitris Stavros is going to be replaced by a fantastic guitarist with the same name. Dimitris Stathopoulos is going to be the torturer of the 7-string from now on.

On other news, our drummer George Papadosifakis has left the band due to personal reasons. He will be replaced on the live shows by Nick Samios

Line Up Change And Drum Recording Sessions

We would like to announce that our beloved singer Dimitra Kaltzidou, is no longer in the band due to personal reasons. We want to wish her all the best to her future musical endeavors and in her personal life. We are digging deep to find a suitable replacement and hopefully we will come back with something strong, so please stay in touch.

In other news, the band continues recording the – untitled yet – debut album and will soon will have more footage of our recording sessions.  For the moment take a look at our drummer’s drumming sessions:

Video Footage from Extreme Assault Festival Vol.2 at Modu

We have two new videos that were shot at our performance on the Extreme Assault Festival Vol.2 at Modu Club. These are two songs that will be featured on our upcoming untitled debut. We present you “Your God” and “Darker Than You.” We enjoyed playing there so much and hopefully we will do it again in the future.

Evil Within Escape From Studio At Remedy Club

We escape the studio once more and on Wednesday, 1rst Of February we will hit the stage of the Live Club Remedy, along with My Inferno and Till Devotion Fades for the competition Hit The Stage that the Greek Metal Hammer Magazine organizes.

You can view more information on the facebook page of the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/245996389171210/

Evil Within release their first track

We worked really hard and made our best efforts to present you our first track from our first – untitled – album yet. The track is called “Elegy” and it was composed by Panos Varvaropoulos, while the lyrics have been written by our lead singers, Arnel Lagen and Dimitra Kaltzidou.

You can view it via Youtube, right here:

Although, quite thrashy, you can get a first idea of what we are about. Thrash / death and black metal, all mixed under our love of the oriental feeling. Please take a listen and let us know what you think on our social media.

Evil Within at the Extreme Assault Festival Vol. II

Evil Within have been confirmed for the Extreme Assault Festival Vol. II, that will take place between the 20th and 22nd Of January of 2017. The festival is dedicated to the extreme sound and Evil Within will be performing their first ever official live gig, on the stage of MODU, at Saturday 21 of January 2017,


We are really proud to share the stage with many names of the Greek Metal Scene, names like REVOLTED MASSES, SOUL SKINNER, APOKOPY, CROWD:CONTROLLED, DEAD HUMAN FACTORY, FADOM, IN WAR, MENTALLY DEFILED, NEKRARCHON

Many more bands will be announced soon and you can view them on the facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/194316207684757/.

Evil Within Launch Their Website

As of today, Evil Within have finally their own webspace. We are really happy with the design and look of the Official Evil Within Website and we hope you will like it us well.

You can find a bunch of information here, like our latest news, information about the band and each member as well, announcements about our live gigs and tons of images we hope.

Take your time and please contact us if you like to see something more on our website.

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