Arnel Lagen

arnelBorn and raised in Crete , Greece but being a Filippino by origin. Having piano lessons as soon as I turned 8 years old , I was always fond of music. I listened to any kind of music ’til I stumbled across “Gematria” by Slipknot. That was when I became interested to metal music.
I can remember myself singing since elementary school and -long story short- I started practicing “Brutal” Vocals.

Being lucky enough to know how to sing through the diaphragm I skipped the hard part and started learning “Fries”, Growls, Gutturals, False chords and all that sweet stuff you gotta know in order to get a better view on your style of vocals with Youtube as my guide. My main influences are vocalists from my favourite bands such us Winston McCall (Parkway Drive), Jake Luhrs (August Burns Red), Spiros Antoniou (Septicflesh).

At the age of 18 (currently 19) I moved to Athens to study Electrical Engineering( at least that’s what my parents think I’m mainly doing , haha). I chose Athens in order to have numerous chances of getting myself in a band and started forming a “career”. Half a year after I moved in Athens and Evil Within asked me to join them after listening to me in a studio jam.

I tend to listen to all genres of metal, even those that I don’t really like, in order to get influenced and try to comprehend style, expression, passion and any sentiment my consciousness can understand.

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